Friday, 11 October 2013

Are abstract action words embodied? An fMRI investigation at the interface between language and motor cognition.


Katrin Sakreida et al. (2013)

This substantial fMRI study was very interesting to read. Recently my own thoughts about language are  leaning towards the embodied cognition camp as I am increasingly struggling with the idea that higher processing of language should be considered as 'pure thought'. I don't see any function, cognitive process of the brian to be independent of each other and working in isolation. What I see is an establishing idea that the brain is a network (a really complicated one) that includes a multitude of sensory facets that in themselves compose our conscious experiences. Is it a false dichotomy when one segregates higher level comprehension from basic low level discriminative processing? I think the embodied view of the brain provides a way of avoiding having to make such a distinction. Here, the comprehension of language is claimed to be really shaped by the body, the visuo-motor system for example.