Saturday, 8 June 2013

Evidence for god (the christian one), direct from her favourite spokespersons. The Jehovah Witnesses...

written by Rich
I recently gave an interesting opportunity to two lovely Jehovah Witnesses. I do mean that, they were nice and they really wanted to persuade me of the existence of their supernatural deity. Unfortunately their best efforts really were very poor. Consider the majesty of overwhelming evidence that is required for me to belief that the 'creative intelligence to the universe', an intelligence who happened to have created the whole infinity of space, did so, to allow planet earth to form and allow an imperfect, polluting and destructive, Great ape hominid, to evolve on the African planes, destined to share a common ancestor with chimpanzees and bonobos. For this extraordinary feat I required some pretty astounding, unambigious and extraordinary evidence.

Below are the two pieces of evidence provided to me from, the bible (a trusty source for facts), but before describing the two it is important to set a little context. These two sentences from the bible are supposed proof of a god, or a 'whatever' greater than us at least, to have inspired knowledge into the writers of the bible. Knowledge that was impossible to have known without 'divine intervention' (A synonym for scientific revelation perhaps?). It could not have been known without the existence of a god. Okay so the two tidbits of interest:

1.) In Daniel, the earth is described as a circle.

Woah...Well that is pretty amazing stuff. The earth was described as a circle?! That is amazing, a circle. How could have anyone known that, before space travel, before telescopes and satellites? First of all, if you were describing the shape of the earth (remember the ultimate power and intelligence to the universe is whispering directly into mind and 'inspiring you' to write here) would 'circle' be the word to use? Not exactly, an accurate portrayal of the earth's 3-DIMENSIONAL characteristic. Furthermore, if you have a large enough open space you can see the horizon. Walk towards it and that previous point where the curvature of the earth restricted you view reseeds a little, extending your view. Now I am not a history buff and so don't know where and when the earth was first discovered to be curved, but I wouldn't be too surprised if one could deduce the lack of flatness by studying the nature of horizons.

Now for the next blow to atheism.

2.) In the Bible the earth is described as being suspended in nothing.

I took this to mean that the writers believed that the earth was literally all that there is, all of the stuff, all that is known and so considered as 'something', and so, anything outside of this, by definition, is no-thing, nothing (remember who was whispering to into the writers minds). However, no! The Jehovah's took this to again mean divine revelation! And went on to describe how they believed that the earth is indeed suspended within/surrounded by nothing. This again is slightly outside of my remit, however I am very confident that the space surrounding earth is not nothing, in fact, there is a load of things going on in so-called 'empty space'. This statement of the bible is just simply a falsehood. Space (as far as I know), is filled with quantum gravity, radiation, plenty of particles (popping in and out of existence), all sorts of things! Earth is not surrounded by nothing.

These two discourses from the bible were there main ammunition against me. I really was open to be being persuaded, however the case was frankly feeble, juvenile, barely worth reciting. Unsurprisingly my disbelief remains resolute.