Saturday, 11 May 2013

The probability that a God created the Universe.

written by Sam
This is only my second post on this blog, something that should have probably occurred a long time ago. However admittedly I've been swamped with university coursework and exams and have been left unable to get around to making a post. Anyway this is just something that I found on the internet while browsing around and it basically reasons out why the probability that a deity created the Universe is 0.

Let's assume that the Universe started with the Big Bang, why we make that assumption should be obvious to those who read this so I won't go any further into it. Therefore we can rule out any sort of direct creation of us or the planet, or of anything other than the Universe as a whole. However this leaves us with the question 'what caused the Big Bang and therefore the Universe.' This is something we may never be able to explain, however at the moment the most rational response to this question is to say 'we don't know.' There is nothing wrong with admitting ignorance on this question, in fact our ignorance gives us a platform from which we can explore the question. However it is irrational to suggest a deity, or a God, or anything else caused the Big Bang at this present moment in time. There are an infinite number of unfounded baseless 'theories' that we can use to explain what caused the Big Bang. We can say God did it, we can say the Universe created itself, we can even say that the Universe was created by an intelligent group of possums on a distant planet, or the FSM. Each of these theories can demonstrate no truth or evidence in their claims, there can also only ever be one explanation as to what caused the Big Bang. Therefore the odds that any one of these theories demonstrates more truth than any other theory is 1/infinity.
One divided by infinity is essentially 0.
Therefore the probability that anyone of these theories is correct is 0.

However this calculation only applies to the infinite amount of BASELESS theories, i.e. theories of which we can demonstrate not a shred of evidence. Despite what we may hear from fundamentalists, there is no evidence that a deity exists. The Bible and Qu'ran are not evidence of the existence of a God, however this isn't something to be discussed here. In order to increase the probability of a theory being correct we have to demonstrate evidence. I'm not going to define evidence, if you're from a science background or even just somebody who can demonstrate moderate intelligence, you should know what I mean by evidence.

So there we have it, pretty much the reason I don't believe a God exists.