Thursday, 30 August 2012

“And the Lord spake unto the philosopher, ‘I am the Lord thy God, I am the source of all that is good. Why does thy secular moral philosophy ignore me?’
       And the philosopher spake unto the Lord, “To answer I must ask you some questions, you command us to do what is good. But is it good because you command it, or do you command it because it is good?”
       “Ur,”. Said the Lord. “It’s good because I command it?”
       “The wrong answer, surely, your mightiness! If the good is good because you say it is so, then you could, if you wished, make it so that torturing infants was good. But that would be absurd, wouldn’t it?”
       “Of course!” Replieth the Lord. “I tested thee and thou has made me pleased. What was the other choice again?”
       “You choose what is good because it is good. But that shows quite clearly that goodness does not depend on you at all. SO we don’t need to study God to study the good.”
       “Even so,” Spake the Lord, “You’ve got to admit I’ve written some pretty good textbooks on the subject...”
Euthypho by Plato (380 bce)

Anyone that has watched Dr William Lane Craig in a full length debate on morality will  know how annoying it is to hear him say Objective moral values and duties about a thousand time in an hour. I do wonder what the theists answer is to Euthypho's dilemma is though, probably something about the argument not being valid, some false analogy or distinction I imagine.

My first words, typed when I should be sleeping...

This is my first time Blogging on the internet (unless you count facebook). Right now my girlfriend is sleeping across the room from me and I have got up to write this because my mind will not rest. I have created this blog site and am writing to express my beliefs that cause me to strongly dismiss the supernatural.
During my recent formative years starting from sometime during my A-levels and right throughout my undergraduate studies in Psychology I became more and convinced that there is no soul, God, afterlife, or in fact any real element to any supernatural claim that I have ever heard of. My position has become more and more cemented by viewing all manner of possible events as a Natural occurrence that can or will be explained by natural causes.

I take the human point of view on the ideas of religion, and through my Psychology studies have undoubtedly come to view (or perhaps caricature) belief in the supernatural as a psychological need. I see belief in the supernatural as a satiety of a human need to understand and to promote feelings of security. All cultures within homo sapiens two hundred thousand year existence have come up with their own expression of divine belief, alongside various other beliefs that require the incredulous belief in something that cannot be seen.
It is understandable as our first attempt to explain the nature of our origin and of the universe it is religion that has provided crude, over-generalized stories that depict grandeur pointing towards ourselves. We like ideas that make us feel good. And in times of famine, plague, fighting over women, scary flashes of light in the sky, natural disasters, and short lived lives, I can see how reassuring the idea of an eternal, ever-powerful deity would be to paleolithic man.

Moreover, many of these beliefs cannot be seen, touched, smelt or anything sensible like that, they are 'felt'. Felt so deep within the core of billions of humans, a feeling so deep and so shared that many take this commonality to be a proof of the feeling, that we are servile, minuscule and weak to some absolute creative authority. This leads many to think that we are genetically predisposed to be reassured by an invisible force flowing through us and the rest of nature (Sounding familiar...feel the force Luke!) that will favour your tribes and your personal fortunes whilst looking after you even when you are dead...
I am glad that I have been influenced by the public criticizers of religious dogma and have ambition to become involved in the fight for Atheism as it is a valiant one. Times are of change and about time to.